The café is a great morning greeting spot to begin the day's adventures or a perfect afternoon stop to refuel. Located at 605-112 Gibson Street, just minutes from downtown Tofino, the café is a take-away coffee shop offering specialty coffee beverages and locally made pastries.

Our knowledgeable baristas are there to help you have a great coffee experience at our café or to help you with getting your coffee dialed in at home. At the café you will find our whole bean coffee for sale as well as some of our favourite coffee gear.

*When enjoying a cup on the go from the cafe, we encourage all our guests to bring their own travel mugs to help reduce waste.

We love to roast coffee and drink it ‍‍‍too

every cup‍‍‍ matters.

morning‍‍‍ ‍‍‍rituals.

Discover ou‍‍‍r‍‍‍ coffee

batch brew                       cappucc‍‍‍ino

espresso                            latte

americano                        mocha

cortado                             silk road tea

Locally made pastries by Summit Bread Company

At Tofino Coffee Roasting Company, we do our best to reduce unnecessary waste usually associated with take-away food and beverage businesses. We offer a few options for you to do your part...

Bring your own mug -save 25 ¢ on your coffee and save a paper cup! We have curated a section of vintage mugs to offer you - They are for sale for $4 each, or $6 with an americano in it!

Have too many cups at home? Donate them to Tofino Coffee so we can lend them to customers who may have forgo‍‍‍tten‍‍‍ their travel mug.

Join Our  Mug Movemen‍‍‍t



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